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Our wedding photography is the perfect blend of modern, traditional, and photojournalistic styles. Why stop at one type of photography? We might as well give you a happy blend of everything. You'll be happy because you'll have some unique photos that nobody else has, and mom will be happy because she has that traditional shot of bride and groom to frame on her wall. That's our goal- to make you happy! We listen to what you want and we provide. Everybody is a little different, so we find out exactly what you want. Is there something special that you want to make sure we capture? Is there certain shots you've seen that are a must? Well it's important to us, and we will take note so that the day of- we are capturing exactly what you had in mind.


Here are a few advantages to hiring Leah Renee Photography for your wedding day photos. -There's no limit to the amount of photos we take. The more time you supply us, and the more details you give us to shoot, the more photos we will provide.


-We are open to any schedule you choose, but we also offer a laid out plan for you with suggestions of how much time we will need for different photo scenarios. That way you have as much freedom as you want, but also as much help as you may need.


-We edit every single proof. Many photographers go through proofs and make adjustments and then edit completely the pictures you order. Not us. We edit every single proof before you see them. This means your skin will be flawless. You will truly glow in your wedding attire. Also, we create many proofs with special effects and colors, leaving an original also, just in case you prefer it without effects.


-Our process for Coffee Table Albums isn't painful. 😉 You choose the size of book, we tell you how many photos to pick out for that size, and we do the design. The design is free with both a book purchase or a book that is included in a wedding package. We even proof the book with you before printing so you can make sure you are completely happy. We can alter it as many times as you would like. But if you have a creative personality and want to create it yourself- we are open to that too.


-We supply highly trained, professional photographers who can work well under pressure, make changes at the drop of a hat, and who understand the importance of proper lighting and other photography standards.


-Our two biggest goals are to provide you amazing photos and to help make your day wonderful. We stay cool under pressure, always making sure bride and groom are happy.


-We are experienced. With almost ten years of shooting professionally, it's all been seen. We've experienced pretty much everything, and we know what to do in every situation. We always provide.


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