Charlevoix Wedding & Saginaw Reception- Maggie & Casey

Maggie & Casey have a beautiful two day wedding. It was wonderful. The first day was the actual wedding which was in Charlevoix at the beach. It was a perfect sunny day, and Maggie and Casey looked amazing! The second day was in Saginaw at the Temple Theater. They had a magnificent reception there. The reception room and decorations were oh so pretty. Maggie and Casey were very driven to get nice pictures, and spent lots of time taking them. Maggie was beautiful! She even had a different hair do the second day! There were many fun aspects of this wedding, including bouquets that consisted of orchids and bright colors, the guys wearing Converse shoes, and Maggie and her father “getting down” during the father daughter dance. And at the end of this two day event, two wonderful people were committed to one another. I love my job.

Petoskey Day After Session

Thanks to Katie Beals for putting on the white dress and becoming, well- a bride!!! As cool and fun as this session was, this Trash the Dress session was completely staged. Katie was generous to let me shoot her for a bit in a big, white, lovely wedding gown. And P.S…..I think she liked it!!
😉 She did a lovely job! Future and past brides- if you like these picture, give me a call. I’m willing to do these sessions very cheap and even free sometimes. I’m looking to build my portfolio! This is a session where we go out and shoot the bride and sometimes the bride and groom in their attire, looking gorgeous and sexy. A popular trend is to put beautiful brides in urban, dirty settings. Sometime the brides even trash their dresses by getting in the mud or tearing or cutting their gowns, hence the name “Trash the Dress”. Though this makes for some interesting pictures, this isn’t necessary to capture truly phenomenal images. A bride in her gown, here or there is absolutely amazing. We can help capture that!!! Please inquire if you’re interested! Thanks Katie!!!

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