Katie and Paul’s Wedding

After driving through the thickest, heaviest snow fall I’ve seen in a while, I figure this is a good post to put up. Right about now I wish I could go back to this day. Katie and Pauls wedding was just perfect. Oh how sunny and happy I remember it. They rented a house on the beach and invited all of their closest friends and relatives. I loved showing up to see that every single person was in white. So cute. Wait….everyone but me. I may have been standing out on a day I don’t want to stand out. I bet I was a whole lot more warm then them too. Like I said- I REALLY wish I could go back to that.

A couple things I loved about this wedding was the intimacy and the locations. There wasn’t any stress as Katie’s parents walked her down the aisle onto a wooden deck overlooking the beautiful water. You can tell from their pictures they really are in love and so happy to be getting hitched. We ended up at a winery in the middle of country. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. From my perspective, it was the perfect wedding of the perfectly happy couple.

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