Kara & TJ’s Bower’s Harbor Wedding, Traverse City MI

As with every year, last year was no different. So many photos to edit and not enough time to blog them. Since I have a tiny bit of time, I’m going to post a few blogs of my favorite weddings from last year. Every wedding was wonderful. I had a blast with each and every couple of mine and adore pictures from every wedding.

This particular wedding is of one of my favorite couples. They were so fun, happy and easy to work with. They are funny and great as a couple! Melissa worked with me this day and we had a blast with the great locations and great couple we had to shoot. Getting ready and the wedding was at Bowers Harbor. Soooo pretty. We did photos of Kara, TJ, and the group there after. They have nice walls to use for photos. You’ll see in the pictures that there is a really unique wall with colored tiles placed randomly. Just the bright giddy kind of thing Leah loves. We also used the grape orchard and the beach across the street. We then traveled to the downtown area, stopping at 7 Monks, a popular down town pub. The reception was held at Visions at CenterPointe.

One more beautiful wedding in beautiful Northern Michigan.

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