I finally met Carter Oosterhouse. lol

After 4 years of living in Traverse City I finally found time to go stalk Carter Oosterhouse while he was here. Carter Oosterhouse was born and raised in TC. I love him from HGTV. Here’s a link if you’re interested-

Carter Oosterhouse

Cooper and I headed down to the July 4th parade to see if we could spot him preparing for a run that he does with Carter’s Kids right here in TC. I have to admit I felt a little bad for taking photos of him like the paparazzi. 😉 I finally went up to him and told him I was a big fan and shook his hand. He asked what my name was. Well that was nice of him. Duh- whatever you want it to be.

The race was very cute and the parade was wonderful. Guilty of having missed that since I’ve been here too. Cooper and I had a blast. Here’s just a few of the 500 pictures I took. I wish I had time to do more, but this lady just doesn’t have the time.

Carter Oosterhouse27

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