Heather and Jordan’s Life Saving Station Wedding in Elberta Michigan

A nice warm day in August, Alex and I travel to Manistee, Michigan to photograph the wedding of Heather and Jordan. The wedding was in a wooded area on a river. The spot was very intimate and romantic. You can see from the photographs, they spent a lot of time making the space beautiful. They even built wooden benches for all the guests to sit. In the most unique way I’ve seen a bride coming down the aisle, Heather and her father paddle down river by canoe. They climb up some stairs, and then they finish the walk along the bridge and through the rows of people. I won’t forget the dynamite one of the relatives fired during all of this. I jumped about a mile into the air while Alex almost fell into the river. Well worth it, hearing the crowd laugh and cheer with applause. The wedding was held right under a beautiful big tree.

Very soon after the wedding we traveled to a few places that Heather very carefully picked out. Heather, herself, is a photographer, so she planned our adventures carefully. We first took Jordan’s so cool Bronco to the Tree Road in Manistee for photos. Then we hit the Greenpoint Hang Gliding Association Site for the highest wedding shots I’ve so far done. At the top of the staircase we climbed was a stunning view over Lake Michigan. Wouldn’t mind trying that out, myself.

At last we arrived at the wedding site, Life Saving Station in the beautiful Elberta, Michigan. A year ago I was introduced to the area by a close friend and coincidentally imagined shooting a wedding at the exact location along the water. At the time I didn’t know it was, indeed, a wedding and reception site. No surprise now. This location is stunningly beautiful. It makes a perfect site for events. Romantic, creative, intimate, and best of all- tells a story all on it’s own.The wonderful wedding day ended in a great way with happy people dancing to the music of Jordan’s dad’s band on the deck of the station. Overlooking the water, the sun set as the party celebrated the union of Heather and Jordan.

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