Gaylord Michigan Wedding, Kayla & Matt

Ok, so since I’m slightly more caught up on photos I’m going to start posting many more blogs of some of the amazing photos I got last wedding season. I wish I could have gotten to these sooner, but my elaborate editing has kept me busy enough that it had to be put on the back burner until now.

This is one of my most loved sessions from the season for a few reasons. Obviously we were given amazing weather for their wedding day. I was able to visit my home town for a wedding, that’s always nice. The biggest reason I loved this day was what the photos meant to the bride and groom. Every couple wants wonderful photos, but Kayla & Matt actually planned out ideas ahead of time. They actually stuck to the plan and really dedicated the time into taking the photos. The whole wedding party had a blast getting their photos taken. It’s sort of like the wedding photographer’s dream come true wedding party being handed over as “don’t work, but play” day. You’ll see looking through the photos that Kayla preplanned a lot of details for the shots. Even the bridesmaids necklaces are an amazing detail that really make the photographs unique. Yes, I know- I probably made this blog and many of mine way too big, but I just can’t limit the photos. With how much time they let me shoot and had fun and were willing, I could have made this blog ten times the size of just my favorites of them. I really did cut it down. lol I get a lot of raves over Kayla and Matt’s engagement session that’s posted on the blog. I’ve even had some say they want their session to be similar. Check that out here- Kayla & Matt’s Engagements

By far my favorite part while taking the photos- The whole Bridesmaids movie idea. It’s a common theme to hear bridal parties say they want to reenact the cover photo of the movie, but I think we did exceptionally well. We had a blast. Of course I’ve included an edited version to look similar to the cover.

As much as I’d love to type and type on this all day- I’ve gotta come back as orders and photos await. Keep checking back. I’ll be posting many many more amazing blogs. Some great engagement sessions too!

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