Frog Pond Village Wedding, Ruth and John

A beautiful Saturday morning, slightly overcast, but pretty nonetheless. It’s a good day easy work day as I only have to travel about ten minutes from my home for this wedding. Ruth and John are an adorable couple that I had the pleasure working with before on engagement photos. I can tell by their personalities that today will be a wonderful wedding and a really laid back feeling of a day for me. The wedding is at Frog Pond Village. This place is a beautiful wedding location. It’s been years since I’ve been to this location, but my memory serves me well. The grounds are well manicured, with flower gardens spread throughout. There’s even a bridge and small pond in front. Matured trees fill the yard and a large covered patio with a bar and staff are to the front of the building. Every time I enter a reception site theres a quick thought of what will this place look like? Will it be decorated well? Will the photos be satisfying to me and others? I open the doors and walk in to…..

Yes!!! The venue is breathtaking. I wonder, is this all the bride’s doing? Did she have a decorator? I still don’t know the answer to that. I’ll have to question her. The linen colors along with the colors or the flowers and jars are perfect. I think of myself as a pretty creative individual, but I could not do this. These days I’ve seen a lot, so it’s hard to impress me, but this year I’ve been impressed wedding after wedding. Pinterest has to have something to do with that. The room looks amazing how it’s set up. One thing to be mentioned, Frog Pond Village has dark ceilings. For anyone out there that’s not a professional photographer, it’s about impossible to get a wonderful photo inside once the lights are dimmed. Many photographers who call themselves professionals would not be able to do it either. If you’re looking to have a reception at Frog Pond, it is very very important that you hire a highly skilled professional photographer. The best lenses are needed and lights help a lot. Back to my story-

Off to meet with the bride. Ruth looks amazing. She’s petite, reserved, smiley, and very nice. Her smile is so comforting and she’s so pretty and polite that any man would feel like he was winning the lottery to marry her.

More to come later-

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Karen Jackson Snyder

5 years ago

Awesome! Just Awesome!

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