State of Great Taste Ice-cream Contest

Back in July of 2013 I was hired to shoot an amazing two-day event put on by Kroger to find the next Private Selection Ice Cream Flavor to be sold in Kroger Stores. Brought in to Traverse City were ten of America’s best food bloggers. Day one consisted of an evening touring a local Cherry Farm with a beautiful dinner welcoming the group to the area.

Day two was held at the Hagerty Center at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute. Each of the amazing food bloggers competed in a challenge to find the best ice cream flavor. Given chocolate and vanilla ice-cream and their choice of ingredients, each cook went to work on their masterpiece. Ingredients from bacon and whiskey to apples and caramel went into making twenty different flavors of one of a kind ice-cream. Each cook chose their favorite flavor for America to prepare and vote on. Behind the scenes, after the cooks were racing to catch their flights, I was given the chance to try all of the yummy one of a kind flavors. Oh boy!

I’m happy to announce that Sara Wells with Our Best Bites Blog prepared the winning flavor of Crumb-Topped Huckle Berry Pie. The wonderful Crumb-Topped Huckle Berry Pie will be private selections new flavor sold in Krogers across America. I am sooooo excited!!

Here is a video made of the event-

Coleen Pretty Prudent
Tricia Once a Month Mom
Heather Heather’s Dish
Sara Our Best Bites
Kate Our Best Bites
Tessa Handle The Heat
Christy Southern Plate
Kelley Mountain Mama Cooks
Kristy Sweet Treats and More
Nicole Baking Bites

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I finally met Carter Oosterhouse. lol

After 4 years of living in Traverse City I finally found time to go stalk Carter Oosterhouse while he was here. Carter Oosterhouse was born and raised in TC. I love him from HGTV. Here’s a link if you’re interested-

Carter Oosterhouse

Cooper and I headed down to the July 4th parade to see if we could spot him preparing for a run that he does with Carter’s Kids right here in TC. I have to admit I felt a little bad for taking photos of him like the paparazzi. 😉 I finally went up to him and told him I was a big fan and shook his hand. He asked what my name was. Well that was nice of him. Duh- whatever you want it to be.

The race was very cute and the parade was wonderful. Guilty of having missed that since I’ve been here too. Cooper and I had a blast. Here’s just a few of the 500 pictures I took. I wish I had time to do more, but this lady just doesn’t have the time.

Carter Oosterhouse27

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