Ashley & Max

This engagement session was a lot of fun. Ashley and Max will be getting married next year in Traverse City so they decided to do their engagements here too. If you’re local you can probably tell we started at the State Hospital Area. The old buildings are one of a kind here. They had the perfect colored shirts to wear in there. I don’t think they could have done better with that. We then went into the woods. From a couple that says they don’t smile in pictures- I think I did pretty good getting some real smiles and genuine happiness for one another.

I don’t know what it is about that water tower- I just LOVE it! I always have to do something with it when I’m there. I think these two pulled off the graffiti wall very well. We also drove over to Woodmere Rd where I’ve been meaning to take someone. There’s a few old buildings and garage doors.

We stopped at some train tracks and then crossed the street to end up at the bay. My personal favorites from our session, the sunset pictures I just adore. I want photos like this for myself someday. Ok, ok yes- someday. When all the stars align perfectly and I find the man I want to marry. 🙂 Sunset pictures are so fun. I barely had any light but it makes it more dreamy and romantic. Playing with the colors in photoshop- there’s so many options. If I weren’t so consumed with editing wedding photos, I’d probably make ten different variations of every photo I took out there. (My love for photography and OCD tendencies uniting.)

So to wrap up, I had an amazing time with this couple. They are just enough cute and calm, sexy and sassy to make for emotional, breathtaking photos. My absolute fave of the night is the last. :)I can’t wait for their wedding day. Thanks!

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