Amber & Jim’s Wedding

What an adorable wedding! This couple is speaking my language! Bulldogs and purple? Lanterns and lights? Don’t even get me started with that bouquet and the bride’s hairdo. Amber got ready at her sisters vacation home on Lake Michigan where there were lots of great things to use with her accessories. Her sister is a collector of many things. We used sea glass with her jewelry and hung her dress right on the main window looking out to the water. The weather started out completely rainy, but of course, as all my weddings do- it cleared up just for the newlyweds. After shooting Amber for a while I headed over to see Jim and his groomsmen at the Homestead where they were staying.

Upon first arrival I was ecstatic to see a cute little bulldog. I had no idea that much of the wedding was decorated with bulldogs.

Below is my favorite picture of the whole day. With just a couple minutes left to shoot Amber before going to see the guys, I had her sit on the floor with her dress around her. We were far enough from the main window that the light was dominate, but still soft and pretty. I stood on a chair and just shot straight down with a very shallow apature. There’s a bunch more where I photographed her hands, her face, her just being pretty in general. I remember showing it to her on the spot and she said, “Wow, I can’t believe that’s me.”

The hall we showed up at for the wedding was cute. When I entered I was blown away with the time and effort put into the decorations. There were so many lights and lanterns and twinkles. It felt like a fairy tale. In one big room they were able to section off the different areas. An entrance, an appetizer area, the wedding area, and the dinner area. They pulled together so beautifully. I really could have taken pictures all day in there.

This one is another of my proudest shots of the day. I like the bluish editing I did on it. Her eyes and hairdo along with the fur she’s wearing make such an impact to me. What better than a brick building for texture and contrast? The building right across from the hall was the perfect location. With limited time to shoot, I was thankful.

No detail was overlooked. Even the car they were leaving in was so retro cool and detailed with Just Married banners.

Amber and Jim’s wedding was soooo much fun shooting. Her sister’s did an amazing job on the decorations. Maybe someday I’ll have them do mine….lol. A girl can dream, right?

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