Robin & Mike’s Wedding

Wedding Day! Melissa and I drove way down to Detroit for this wonderful day. Robin and Mike had a beautiful ceremony in a big catholic church. Every year I am blessed with many many wedding couples that are good looking and easy to photograph. This day I, indeed, was in for a treat. Robin is that of a genuine beauty. With doll like features and a little bit of sass, she made for some amazing shots! She was up for anything and always ready to pose. As you can see, her taste is very glamorous and elegant. That always seems to fit well in my mind when a huge romantic catholic church is involved.

Some of my favorite shots to show you, but they had so many it was hard to choose!

This one above is my favorite shot of the day. Feels so good to get one shot that I actually blow myself away with. They are stunning!Going down town we took some great photos. Robin and Mike’s wedding party definitely wins the award of the craziest bunch of the year. ;p They were having a little too much fun to get organized photos.

Ooh La La- their reception site was perfect. Having brought in a lighting guy, their reception was as fancy as you can see in these pictures. Pink and purple passion. The floral arrangements add that elegant vibe Robin and Mike have. I have to give props to Robin for pulling off the cake in the face cake cutting. I miss the days of bride and grooms going at each other.

Their wedding day had to be what they dreamed of. It fulfilled mine. 🙂 Thanks Robin and Mike!

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